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Location: Cairo Governorate Egypt

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My name is Assad Fathi, And I have experience as a Navigator for 4 years in Seismic Company (GEOKINETICS) in MALAYSIA Crew 526 and Brunie Crew 521 and EGYPT Crew 872, Working as a Navigator in shallow water (Transitional zones, Gun boat and Sonar dyne boat Navigator,(working in onshore and offshore ).Also I have Take Courses (ARC GIS,Marine mammal observer training,sea survival course in(EGYPT),-‘’TROPICAL’’ basic offshore safety induction,and emergency training Including‘’HUETE’’,travel safety by boat.(MALYSIA-MSTS ASIA ),Cable repairing shop training in (Geokinetics base camp),Electrical Safety : In Partners Success 6 SEP 2012,First Aid in Partners Success 7 SEP 2012,Tower Climbing : In Partners Success 1SEP 2012).

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  • 5 years experience



        Bachelor of commerce, Accounting division,AinShamsUniversity

        Graduation Year : May 2007

        Accumulative Grade:  Pass



-ECP : Safety Officer from 1 May 2012 till Now.

Geokinetics (Grant Geophysical) Seismic Company in Malaysia Crew 521, Egypt crew 872 and 526  BRUNEI  CREW.

 Working as a Navigator in shallow water (Transitional zones, Gun boat and Sonar dyne  boat Navigator,(working as a navigator onshore and offshore ).

+Baltim project : From 18th of June 2008 till 20th of August 2008 (Mediterranean Sea) For IEOC Company.

+Romana Project:  30th of August 2008 till 30th of November 2008 (Mediterranean Sea) For IEOC Company.

+Ras Gemsa Project: 10th of December 2008 till 10th of February 2009 (Red Sea) For Al THANI Company.

+Belayim Project: 20th of  February 2009 till 30th of  July 2009 (Red Sea) working inside the shipping canal

For Petrobel Company.

+Romana Project: 1st of August 2009 till 30th of September 2009 (Mediterranean Sea) For IEOC Company

+Abu Rudies Project: Gun boot navigator  (Red Sea) 1 October 2009 till 1st of  December 2009

+Ras canaiss project: Gun boot navigator  (Red Sea60 Km from sharm el sheikh) 25th of  December 2009 to 5th of  March 2010 .

+Brunei project: seismic navigator from 15 th of September 2011 to 15 th of December 2011 .

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