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Resume posted by Marius Raileanu in Cook.
Desired salary: € 36,000.
Desired position type: Any.
Location: Antibes Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

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With almost 5 years experience in the food industry, I now seek a permanent position as a Chef to compliment my previous skills and to begin a new career within the Yacht industry. I am ready to utilize my abilities and experience of managing a team making special variety dishes of different countries in a professional rewarding environment.

Achievements and skills:
• Have the ability in Italian, Mediterranean, East and Central European cuisine.
• Have also some experience in Fusion cuisine (Italian and American), French cuisine, Fast food cuisine, Barbeque and Desserts.
• Have the ability and experience to prepare quality variety dishes in the stipulated time.
• Have expertise in variety of techniques in cooking to prepare healthy tasty dishes
• Have excellent managerial ability and have managed teams with great efficiency.
• Have the ability to produce cost-effective quality healthy delicious dishes by appropriate planning.
• Have the experience of managing all operations related to dish in restaurants.
• Have got many appreciation for making excellent new delicious dishes.

• Can handle and prepare delicious quality healthy food to handle large orders in stipulated time.
• Efficient in making different delicious menu charts to attract customers
• Efficient in cost control while preparing delicious quality healthy food and thereby gives profit to the organization as well as satisfactions to customers

Professional Qualifications:
EU – International driving license
Degree in Semiotics

Professional Experience:

02/08/2012 – 15/09/2012 Chef/Stew – Temporary 28m M/Y Red Sky
Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 crew and 4 to 8 guests during the 4 charters on board. Cooking French, Italian, Mediterranean, Vegetarian Cuisine, salads and desserts, and for 3 children aged between 2 and 6 years old. Responsible for menus, cocktails, supplies for the boat. Also assisting the deck/stew in cleaning cabins, living-room, bathrooms, washing the boat, assisting on maneuvers on deck. Responsible for cleaning the galley, washing dishes, maintaining galley utilities clean.

Reason for living – Temporary position

22/07/2012 – 30/07/2012 Crew Chef Assistant – Temporary 110m M/Y Radiant
Assisting in preparation of breakfast, lunch and dinner for 50 crew. Preparing salads, pasta, hot meals, cold cuts, fruits salad, slicing cold cuts. Also responsible for cleaning the galley, the dry store, fridges, freezers, maintaining galley utilities clean.

Reason for living – Temporary position

07/07/2012-11/07/2012 Crew Chef – Temporary 73m M/Y Plan B
Preparing lunch and dinner for 20 crew, 8 day workers and 7 contractors. Cooking various plates: seafood, fish, meat, salads, rice, soups. Also responsible for washing the dishes, cleaning the galley, wash the floor, maintaining the galley utilities clean.

Reason for living – Temporary position

09/2009-03/2012 Sole Chef – Permanent Ristorante Di Fetta in Fetta
As a Chef I took the responsibility of making new delicious healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also managed a team of 1 cook and 2 kitchen staff. Oversaw daily recipe preparation, food storage, cooking and presentation, developed recipes and recommended menu item pricing, continuously monitored and controlled food costs, assigned menus for the day and present different
variety menus on different days which attract customers, created also unique menu items and plate presentations, kept an eye on the stock level and ordered appropriately, ensured that high standard of cleanliness was maintained throughout the kitchen areas at all times, established controls to minimize food and supply waste and theft, coordinated with front-of-house staff, talked with maitre de salle about different specials.

Reason for living – Owner sold the restaurant.

01/2008-08/2009 Sous – Chef – Permanent Ristorante Casanova Responsible for appetizers, entrees and supply, assisted the head chef de cuisine with menu planning, budgets and wine selection, made sure all stations in the kitchen were clean and up to hygiene standards, cleaned kitchen, stored food, chopped all vegetables for prep, checked food expiry dates and discarded any outdated food, helped with all garnishes, washed pots and pans, prepared sauces, talked with head chef about supplies and menu options, talked with waiters about different specials, checked stock levels.

Reason for living – Found a superior position.

Professional Experience:

07/2003-12/2007 Store Manager – Permanent Postal Service S.a.S. Palermo (Italy)
Private postal office. Responsible for post entries, post registration, advertising, publicity. I was always in contact with over 190 clients regarding all the mail they entrusted us and the results of the delivering of various letters.
Reason for living – Left for personal reasons.

Other experience:
07/1997–06/2003 Business Developer Coca Cola Romania HBC SRL
Salesman and merchandiser. Responsible for orders from various clients, takings and cashing and also merchandising process, including the refrigerators management and standard designs.
09/1996–06/1997 Teacher Scoala generala Candesti – Romania
English and French teacher.

Educational Background:
American University by Mail Television and Semiotics (1998-2002).
Gh. Asachi High School Foreign Languages (English/French)

Languages Known:
English, Italian, French and Romanian



Mr. Salvatore SEIDITA Di Fetta in Fetta
Tel +39 392 625 1556 e-mail:

Mr. Catalin CHELARU Ristorante Casanova
Tel +39 329 156 7725 e-mail:

Mr. Daniele MANNINO Postal service S.a.S.
Tel +39 348 708 7980 e-mail:

Mr. Tyrone POWER – Head Chef M/Y Plan B
Tel + 44 792 006 60 75 e-mail:
+ 33 66 92 40 277

Mr. Ricky TRUESDALE – Head Crew Chef M/Y Radiant
Tel + 44 751 823 57 42 e-mail:

Mr. Jean Louis STOURM – Captain M/Y Red Sky
Tel +33 672 669 654 e-mail:


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    • english,
    • french,
    • Italian,
    • Romanian



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