CV Shevchuk.O

Resume posted by Shevchuk in AB Seaman.
Desired salary: 2000.
Desired position type: Any.
Location: Odesa Odessa Oblast, Ukraine

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I’m a good Seaman and hard worker, very disciplined, rather experienced and reliable. Can be delegated with different kind of job. I’m possess by very high work efficiency and preforms assigned tasks very promptly without prejudice to quality of work. At the same time I’m possession of certificate for deck officer and can be worked to third officer.


  • AB,
  • Helmsman,
  • Navigatot


  • oil Tanker Specialized AB
  • oil Tanker Specialized AB
  • Chemical Tanker Specialized AB
  • Chemical Tanker Specialized AB
  • Chemical Tanker Specialized AB

Spoken Languages

  • Russian and English


Secondary marine school named O.I.Marynesko of Odessa national maritime academy,2012,junior specialist of navigation.
Odessa national maritime university,2007,specialist of mechanical engineers.


My experience at sea 17 years. I’m worked AB on different Type of Ship’s: bulk carriers, universal, dry cargos, tankers and chemical tankers. I have references from next famous company-” Anglo-Eastern “,” Gulf Stole “,” Gulf Navigation “,” Columbia .”

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