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Resume posted by Hatim Elhussien in 2nd Officer.
Desired salary: 3000$ .
Desired position type: Any.
Location: Guera Chad

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Good Day SIR. My name is hatim Elhussien from sudan. & I live in the Ukraine have bachelor of Odessa National Maritime Academy with me all certificates of competency and lesions second officer unlimited. Thank you and best regards


  • Good


  • 3 years

Spoken Languages

  • Arabic language home (2) English good (3)Russian very good


5 years (bachelor. Maritime and river transport
Odessa National Maritime Academy


Ganaral cargo Roro 6 Months cadet deck & bridge keep watching. (2)cargo. 9 months AB .. (3)cargo livestoock Rank 2nd officer. (4)Rank AB mv Safaniya6 Offshore support vessel .6 Months (5) offshore support vessel safaniya 4 Rank BOSUN

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