Shipbuilding Technical Superintendent

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Desired position type: Any.
Location: Galați Județul Galați, Romania

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Dedicated Marine Supervisor and Shipbuilding Technical Superintendent with excellent technical, analytical and communication skills demonstrated by 15 years of experience in Marine Industry


  • electric,
  • electromechaic,
  • electronic,
  • hydraulic,
  • mechanic


  • shipbuilding, commissioning

Spoken Languages

  • english,
  • french


 Principal : State Technical University ( 5 years )
Profile : Mechatronics
Bachelor Degree in Industrial Robots, obtained in 2001 with 9.83%

 Secondary :
– Marine electro-mechanic Certificate
– Sparrow 1 Offshore Knuckleboom AHC cranes operator Certificate
– Electrical authorization Certificate for work below 10 KV



Bourbon Offshore Greenmar Aug. 2010 – April 2015
• Conducted, led and supervised the dry-docking operations after sea-trials
• Provided technical support to the crew of new vessel
• Personally involved in Computer calibration of Active Heave and Towing Winch Directly
• Involved in troubleshooting of Knuckle-boom Active Heave Control Cranes
• Inspected all the systems before starting the commissioning
• Hand-over tests and issuing comments in time, if it was necessary.
• Liaised with Site Manager in charge of production regarding conditions of systems and surrounding equipments before proceeding ahead
• Led the system’s commissioning with maker’s service engineers.
• Issued comments to test procedures or protocols submit by Yard where was necessary
• Ensured that tests are performed according to Owner, Makers, Class and Flag authorities requests, bases acceptance standards on Flag and class rules, maker’s documentation and usual marine practice.
• Supervised all tests, trials and commissioning of equipments during docking and sea trials.
• Ensured that all equipments and systems have been tested and are in condition to allow proper delivery of the vessel.
• Organized weekly meetings with Yard to check status of progress and clear up pending items
• Ensured that Safety remains a key focus at all times
• Worked on vessels : AHTW , PSV, OSV, MPSV.
Besi Marine Services May 2009 – June 2010
• Trained the service engineer for commissioning the HRVC system, TLG systems
• Traveled to shipyards to check and supervise the quality of system implementation on board of new shipbuildings
• Led and coordinated the activity of service engineers
• Trained the Service Engineers in order to have the best accomplishments
• Liaised with yards in order to plan the commissioning and hand-over in time
• Elaborated checking and testing procedures
• Checked and supervised the quality and standards of commissioning jobs
• Participated and supervised the systems Hand-Over
• Worked on vessels : Bulks, Ro-Ro, LPG’s, LNG’s, Oil Tankers, Dredging vessels

G.S.P. Rig oil platform Oct 2005 – April 2009
• Tested circuit connections using the proper electrical test equipment as well as digital generator and VFD monitoring components.
• Installed, tested, troubleshooted and maintained electrical equipment such as air conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment. As needed, install and repair lighting systems.
• Repaired electrical and electronic equipment such as panel lighting, circuit breakers, junction boxes, voltage regulators and reverse current relays.
• Built and installed electrical distribution panels for motor starting, operations and multi-dwelling office/camp installations including its accessory equipment.
• Built, installed and maintained alarm system.
• Installed, calibrated and maintained gas detection equipment.
• Ensured an adequate amount of tools and spare parts are available and, as needed, submit requisitions to Toolpusher / Purchasing Manager for approval.
• Ensure the proper implementation of the Rig Maintenance System (RMS)

Besi Marine Services Nov 2004 – May 2009
• Checked the HVRC , TLG , systems during commissioning ( computer control, electrical, hydraulic, mechanic )
• Organized the hand-over and presented the system to Client and Class Issued comments to shipyards in order to respect the implementing requirements of the RVC on board of the vessel
• Solved the after sales troubleshootings
• Assured the service after sales for the systems commissioned
• Worked on vessels : Bulks, Ro-Ro, Chemical Tankers, Oil Tankers

Damen Shipyard Group Nov2003 – Nov 2004
• Organized the work for all departments from the shipyard involved in ship-building production : Pipe department , Electrical department, Mechanical department, Painting dept,etc.
• Communicated and established bridges between all departments involved in shipbuilding in order to respect the terms established for vessel’s delivery.
• Supervised the work on board of vessel in order to respect the Safety rules.
• Worked on vessels : Special U.K.Navy Patrol Vessel.

Damen Shipyard Group Nov 2001 – Nov 2003
• Coordinated and ensured that all mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment maintenance and repair is done in a safe and prudent manner
• Ensured that the permit to work and isolation systems are in place and followed
• Operated, maintained and repaired as necessary the engine cooling water system, lube oil system, and fuel system
• Supervised the maintenance and repair of all pumps and valves of the ballast system, thrusters, associated driven pumps and auxiliary equipment
• Liaised with the marine department regarding the loading, ordering and use of fuel, potable water
• Planned equipment periodic maintenance according to the RMS guidelines
• Maintained an adequate supply of spares to fulfill maintenance requirements and facilitated a safe and efficient operation
• Ensured that reports for repair and maintenance of equipment are accurate and complete

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