Coye Stanley/ FNEM

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Desired salary: 45,000.
Desired position type: Any.
Location: Modesto California, United States

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Coye Stanley
3624 Beresford Dr. Modesto Ca. 95357
PH. 209 402-8747
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Work history experience:
Cement Mason
Solar Panel Installer
Life Insurance Agent
EMT-1 Ambulance Driver/ 911 Emergency Responder
EMT Skills Instructor

Training History:
EMT-1 Training
USCG Electrician “A” School
USCG Rescue Swimmer Training
USCG Shipboard Fire Fighting School
USCG Direct Current Propulsion School
USCG Small Arms Qualified

Currently waiting for TWIC approval.

Thank You for taking the time to review my resume. I look forward to hearing back from you.
Coye Stanley


  • Hands on instructing


  • Cement Mason 18 yrs.
  • EMT-1 5yrs.
  • USCG 4 yrs.

Spoken Languages

  • english


USCG Electrician “A” School.  USCG Rescue Swimmer Training. USCG Shipboard FireFighting. USCG Direct Propusion Training. USCG Small Arms Qualification.

EMT-1 Training, Basic Life Support

Construction Equipment Training. Backhoes, Excavators, Front end Loaders, Forklifts.




USCG: Ensure ships propulsion system is cleaned, maintained, and working properly. Engine room watches, including routine rounds, machinery oil and lubricants properly maintained. #2 Fire hoseman tender during shipboard fires, compartment ventilating, gas free engineer. #1 Rescue Swimmer during man over board and search and rescue.

EMT-1: 911 Emergency Responder, ambulance driver. EMT-1 Skills trainer and assesor for new EMT students.

Construction Industry: Cement Mason, reading of floor and foundation plans, setting of concrete forms, seting concrete grades, and place and finish of concrete. Using excavators, backhoes and or front end loaders for the preperation of concrete foundations.


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