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Desired salary: 3000$.
Desired position type: Any.
Location: Ad Daqahliyah Egypt

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Job Description: Can read Electrical Diagram and Solve problems and maintenance for (Elec. Winch, steam Boiler, Diesel generator, hydraulic systems, monitoring system, fire alarm system, Plc system, all control and Power Circuit for motors, …….etc )and I was responsible of all this electrical systems alone for along time and under pressure through the trips by the great ships ).


  •  PLC language (quick ladder, FBD, Instruction text …)
  •  SCADA program for Simulation. & Network courses.
  •  Microsoft Office Package.
  •  Familiar internet.
  •  Computer Maintenance (Hardware& Software).
  •  LAN (routers & switches) design and maintenance



Faculty of engineering           Mansoura University



[B.Sc. in electrical Electronics and Automatic Control  Engineering]               








  • The aim of my graduation project is to apply control on product line of petroleum pipeline.

I made control on three processes along the line, and I hade excellent graduate

  • The control on all three processes done by programmable logic control (P L C), we made a graphic simulate on a computer using (SCADA) program.


Support Training courses


·        Personal  safety and social responsibilities 

·        Medical emergency basic training “elementary first aid “

·        Personal survival techniques  and search and rescue

·        Fire prevention and fire fighting

·        International code for the security of ships and port facilities.





Job Title

May2009 till now


Company :  National Navigation Company

Location   : Egypt

Kind of vessel  : Passenger ships



Maintenance. Electrical engineer

Jan 2008 till April 2009.


 Company:  Vamvaship Maritime

  Location :  Greece

Kind of vessel  : Bulk carrier

Maintenance. Electrical engineer

Feb. 2007 to Dec 2007.


Company : Zakher For Petroleum Service(supply ships)

Location : UEA


Maintenance. Electrical engineer

Dec. 2005 to Jan.2007


Company:  F.A.M.CO

Location :   Egypt  

Kind of vessel  : General cargo


Maintenance. Electrical engineer

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