8 Jun 2018

Chief Engineer

McDermott Houston – Engine Officers

Job Description

MCDERMOTT INTERNATIONAL INC., is a world-class engineering, fabrication, project management and marine installation contractor. We’ve been providing services to the global offshore oil & gas industry for more than 50 years. Our projects range from deep water subsea facilities to the largest and most complex oil & gas production systems in the world. With operations in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East, McDermott provides a world of experience.

Job Description

  • · Responsible for refusing unsafe work and for carrying out all work in accordance with the established safety and work practices.
  • · Responsible for following all company policies and procedures, and ensuring all subordinates do also.
  • · Responsible for wearing, inspecting, caring for and replacing required personal protective equipment, and ensuring all subordinates do likewise.
  • · Responsible for planning and coordinating the electronics, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineering concerned with day-to-day maintenance of the barge (or vessel) and use of its associated engine room equipment, such as:-
  • – HVAC equipment
  • – Generating equipment
  • – Main & Deck cranes
  • – Water treatment plant
  • – Pumping equipment
  • – Refrigeration plant
  • – Hydraulics
  • – Support equipment, etc.
  • – Anchor Winches
  • – Tension Machine
  • – A & R Winch
  • – Safety systems
  • – Emergency response equipment
  • · Updating spares inventory requirements and ensuring the necessary material, equipment and consumables are ordered and obtained with minimal delay.
  • · Ensuring all necessary documentation, records, reports and data are collated and appropriately filed in preparation for review by the Third Party Authority.
  • · Ensuring the update of the Preventive Maintenance Programme and adhering to the scheduled maintenance.
  • · Keeping the E & M Department advised of all machinery downtime and remedial actions taken.
  • · In the event of an Emergency, coordinating the Below Deck Emergency Teams as instructed by the Superintendent and as detailed in the Emergency Procedures.
  • · Using TRA cards and toolbox meetings to eliminate unsafe acts and reduce frequency and number of injuries.
  • · To maintain and safeguard the mandatory publications to be kept on the barge as per the approved list.
  • · Ensuring housekeeping within the machinery spaces is safe and tidy.
  • · Ensuring portable tools and equipment are tracked, inspected and fit for continued use.
  • · Ensuring material safety data sheets are available for all chemicals onboard and available for use near where the chemicals are stored or used.
  • · Maintaining all waste logs i.e. oil, trash etc., in accordance with procedures and regulations.
  • · Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Vessel Superintendent in charge of the respective vessel he is stationed on

Job Requirements

  • Experience
  • Education
  • Minimum of 5 years experience as First Engineer on any Derrick/Lay Barge.
  • Mechanical Engineering Certificate
  • Additional
  • 2-3 Years supervisory experience
Chief Engineer

Job Types: Engine Officers.

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