8 Feb 2018

Chief Engineer 8600 USD +500 Handimax Bulk Carrier ASAP

ShipStarLine Crewing Agency – Engine Officers

Job Description

Working with a network of reliable Partners, which include both small and large companies, the Agency ensures competitive contracts for seafarers of various ranks on the one hand. 
On the other hand, ShipStarLine as full service Agency solves all personnel related issues on a structural and long term basis by thoroughly screening candidates and finding the best match. 
By carefully matching the proper highly qualified personnel with the correct job openings we assure that both our clients and employees enjoy their journey together.

offshore vessel

Chief Engineer 8600 USD+500bonus Age 35-57 5months 24months Handimax Bulk Carrier ASAP
Chief Engineer 8600 USD +500 Handimax Bulk Carrier ASAP

Job Types: Engine Officers.

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