1 Jan 2018

Seafarers! Joining your dream job

Marvin Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. –

Job Description

Marvin Ship Management puts utmost emphasis on the quality and efficiency of the each crew put on board. Six multiple locations offices in India ensure the same standard throughout the company.

Marvin Ship Management follows a stringent and consistent policy of recruiting the most eligible candidates through a system formulated with many years of experience of our team working in the field.

Our selection procedures strictly adhere to the certified conventions and codes.

All crew are Indian and interational nationals and speak English. The company strictly follows the international policy on board to avoid any miscommunication and consequent breach of safety rule on board.

With a high level of education and extensive training both ashore and on-board, Indian crew and officers have made a place for themselves as one of the best merchant navy hands in the international shipping market.

Whatever ambition is first sparked your interest in shipping industry, we are pleased that you are interested in Marvin ship management. Every project starts with a team of dedicated employees and we are looking for individuals who are eager to develop their skills and apply them together to create unique world of dedicated service in shipping industry.

We look forward for your interest in joining your dream job!

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Seafarers! Joining your dream job

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