5 Oct 2017

Electronic Technician

EdgeTech – Electricians

Job Description

EdgeTech is a leading manufacturer of underwater technology solutions. The company is known worldwide for its high quality products which include: side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, bathymetry systems, AUV and ROV-based sonar systems, combined and customized solutions. In addition to the full line of underwater survey products, EdgeTech provides reliable USBL systems, transponder beacons, deep sea acoustic releases, shallow water and long life acoustic releases, MRUs and customized underwater acoustic command and control systems.

Electronic Test Technician

Location: West Wareham, MA


Overall Purpose of the Position/Function:

  • To perform in-house testing, troubleshooting and calibration of manufactured sub assemblies and finished systems

Primary responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Perform the set-up, calibration, testing and troubleshooting of circuits, components, assemblies and final products completed by the manufacturing area
  • Assist in developing improvements, testing and evaluation of new equipment as it is developed
  • Must be able to give an accurate account of how current designs are performing
  • Test assemblies and final systems, interpret results of evaluation and malfunctions by documenting findings
  • Support Manufacturing and Engineering by translating technical knowledge of equipment problems and solutions
  • Promote and follow all company policies, department standards and quality control
  • Perform rework and repair on assemblies


  • Strong Electronic skills – extensive knowledge of both digital and analog circuitry, DSP technology, microprocessors and D/A control devices
  • Proficient in use of electronic test equipment. Such as: oscilloscope, DVM, meggers, signal generators
  • Soldering skills required
  • Interpersonal skills – must have effective written and oral communication skills and be able to interface well with fellow employees and customers
  • Must be able to translate technical terminology into lay terms

Please send all resumes to Kevin Igo. Please, see contacts.

Electronic Technician

Job Types: Electricians.

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