2 Oct 2017

Catering Seajobs

Alster Shipping – Catering Staff

Job Description

Our Core of Good Service – Teamwork

As a Manning and Crewing Agency, we are strongly committed to provide efficient and reliable services to the people of our nation and our overseas counterparts. And teamwork is at its core. Without the best people we don’t have much of a hope of being the best in the industry.

As a company, we are dedicated to provide better life to our seafarers and employees, giving fair returns to shareholders, and rendering service to our clients to the best of our abilities, while maintaining a commitment to a stable business based on quality, innovation and integrity.

We honor our social responsibility and shall take pride in the goodness that we have done for our company and society.

Crew Management

Our strength is the sincerity of our commitment to provide valuable services to our clients. Our crew management system ensures that seafarers provided to our principals are fit for the requirements and contingent to face the challenges of their working reality.

Catering Seajobs:

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Catering Seajobs

Job Types: Catering Staff.

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