13 Oct 2016

Cadetship Training Program (CTP)

Ocean Crew Marine Services – Cadets

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In 2007 Transnational Diversified Group (TDG) and Aage Thoen Ltd. AS of Norway launched– the OceanCrew Marine Services Inc. (OCMS).

OCMS may embark on a Cadetship Training Program (CTP) with the consent of its Principal to develop its own pool of officers. This is a strategy to address the future shortage of officers which is considered a major concern in the the maritime industry. 

The program is open to new graduates of BSMT (Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation) and BSME (Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering) from any of the CHED-accredited maritime school. Before being accepted in the program, applicants are required to pass the Qualifying Examination, Medical and Neuro-Psychological test and oral interview. 

The main objective of the CTP is to develop potential officers in the pool. Crew who are under the program can be considered as “HOME GROWN” as they will be educated/trained based on the Principal’s qualification and standard. 

Since the CTP is a tool for OCMS to develop future officers, OCMS will encourage all the cadets to take the board examinations after 12-month sea service.

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Cadetship Training Program (CTP)

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