5 Jan 2016

Stewards – Pursers – Onboard Catering Services – Cooks

Intermarine Agency – Catering Staff

Job Description

«Intermarine» is a Crew Manning & Crew Management Company specialized in providing Crew related services to Shipowners and Shipmanagers. Over the period of 20 years that our Office is active in Crew Manning & Management, we have provided Crew Management solutions and services to Shipowners and Shipmanagers owning/managing of any size & type of vessels.

Seafarers are required to hold specialist certification to work at sea and we have outlined these minimum entry requirements.

This department is responsible for serving food to the crew and passengers, cleaning accommodation and public areas and serving customers on passenger vessels. The department is headed by the Chief Purser who is in charge of the Cooks and Stewards.

Qualifications / Skills Required: Candidates are required to undertake an ENG1 seafarer’s medical, Security Awareness Training (Designated Security Duties training may be required by certain companies) and STCW 95 basic safety training consisting of the following courses: Personal survival techniques, Fire prevention and fire fighting, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities. The ENG1 medical must be carried out by an MCA approved Doctor.

Stewards – Pursers – Onboard Catering Services – Cooks

Job Types: Catering Staff.

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