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Germany: Flensburger Hands Over Second Ferry to Ulusoy Sealines

Posted by | 24.01.2013 | Maritime News

Germany: Flensburger Hands Over Second Ferry to Ulusoy Sealines
Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) yesterday delivered its second new ferry inside just a few weeks to Turkish shipping company Ulusoy Sealines.
In December the yard handed over “Ulusoy 14” (Hull No. 753) and yesterday it was the turn of “Ulusoy 15” (Hull No. 454). The two RoRo ferries, each of them 208 metres long, are the biggest newbuildings ever to leave the shipyard. FSG Managing Director Peter Sierk said: “We have proved our shipbuilding quality and deadline reliability …not just once but now twice in a row here in Flensburg. We are very proud of that!”
He added that in co-operation with the customers an ideal solution had been found for their need to serve the Cesme-Trieste (Mediterranean) route as efficiently as possible and with the most modern vessels available. FSG engineers had succeeded in doing this by taking into account all on-site aspects, including loading and unloading simulations based on port conditions, types and volume of goods to be transported, local sea cha- racteristics and much more. Using all these factors they have developed a ship design which makes it possible for the shipping company to put into service two highly efficient and economical ships instead of the four older ferries used previously.
Commented Peter Sierk: “This means higher freighting capacity but at the same time significantly lower fuel consumption and a considerable reduction in waste gas emission levels.” Once again Flensburg’s shipbuilders have reinforced their belief that modern and well-thought-out ship designs are of great benefit not only to their customers themselves but also to the environment and climate.
Each of the sister ships “Ulusoy 14” and “Ulusoy 15” has space for 283 trailers and boasts a loading capacity of 4,094 lane metres.

FSG, January 24, 2013

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